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Seit SoSe 2021


Quality Assurance of Embedded Systems


Glesner, Sabine


Mündliche Prüfung


Fakultät IV

Institut für Softwaretechnik und Theoretische Informatik

34351800 FG Software and Embedded Systems Engineering (SESE)

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TEL 12-4

Klös, Verena


Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this module are able to master methods and techniques with which the quality of embedded systems can be systematically ensured, in particular fault-tolerance, computer-aided verification and test automation techniques. They have knowledge about existing techniques and know how to apply them.


Embedded systems are often safety-critical, for example if they are used in cars, airplanes or avionics. This means that errors can lead to high financial losses or even death or serious injuries. This makes the quality of such systems a major issue and systematic and comprehensive quality assurance techniques are indispensable. In this course, we consider quality assurance for embedded systems ranging from validation and testing over computer-aided verification to system verification and HW/SW co-verification. As a formal foundation, the course introduces formal specification techniques like Timed Automata, and temporal logics. Using this formal foundation, the main focus of the course is on analytical quality assurance, i.e., computer-aided verification via model checking and automated testing (coverage-driven input selection, automated test pattern generation, conformance testing ...). Additionally, we consider runtime monitoring and adaptation techniques for fault-tolerance.

Module Components


All Courses are mandatory.

Course NameTypeNumberCycleLanguageSWSVZ
Quality Assurance of Embedded SystemsIV0434 L 169SoSeEnglish4

Workload and Credit Points

Quality Assurance of Embedded Systems (IV):

Workload descriptionMultiplierHoursTotal
Contact Hours15.04.0h60.0h
Exam preparation1.030.0h30.0h
Exercise preparation15.04.0h60.0h
Pre- and postprocessing15.01.0h15.0h
Test preparation3.05.0h15.0h
180.0h(~6 LP)
The Workload of the module sums up to 180.0 Hours. Therefore the module contains 6 Credits.

Description of Teaching and Learning Methods

This module is an integrated course with lectures and exercises.

Requirements for participation and examination

Desirable prerequisites for participation in the courses:

Knowledge from bachelor modules in Computer Science/Technical Computer Science or the like. Recommended are basic skills in software engineering for embedded systems.

Mandatory requirements for the module test application:

1. Requirement
[PES] 2 bestandene Tests

Module completion



Type of exam

Oral exam




20 - 30 min

Duration of the Module

The following number of semesters is estimated for taking and completing the module:
1 Semester.

This module may be commenced in the following semesters:

Maximum Number of Participants

The maximum capacity of students is 30.

Registration Procedures

A registration is necessary. Information about the enrolment procedure is published on our website (http://www.sese.tu-berlin.de) at the beginning of each semester.

Recommended reading, Lecture notes

Lecture notes

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Electronical lecture notes

Availability:  available
Additional information:



Recommended literature
Armin Biere, Marijn Heule, Hans van Maaren, and Toby Walsh: Handbook of Satisfi ability. IOS Press, 2009.
Christel Baier aund Joost-Pieter Katoen: Principl es of Model Checking, The MIT Press, 2008.
Edmund Clarke, Orna Grumberg, Dolon Pel ed: Model Checking. MIT Press, 2000.

Assigned Degree Programs

This module is used in the following Degree Programs (new System):

Studiengang / StuPOStuPOsVerwendungenErste VerwendungLetzte Verwendung
Computer Engineering (M. Sc.)124SoSe 2021WiSe 2023/24
Computer Science (Informatik) (M. Sc.)124SoSe 2021WiSe 2023/24
Elektrotechnik (M. Sc.)112SoSe 2021WiSe 2023/24
ICT Innovation (M. Sc.)16SoSe 2021WiSe 2023/24
Information Systems Management (Wirtschaftsinformatik) (M. Sc.)27SoSe 2021WiSe 2023/24
Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (M. Sc.)112SoSe 2021WiSe 2023/24
Compulsory Elective Module for master students Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen and ICT Innovations (Embedded Systems).


More reading material will be announced in the lecture and on the course website during the semester