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#50292 / #3

Seit SS 2018

Fakultät V

F 5

Institut für Luft- und Raumfahrt

35341400 FG Flugmechanik und Flugregelung

Silvestre, Flavio Jose

Schlemmer, Caroline Dorothea

No information

POS-Nummer PORD-Nummer Modultitel
3714 30250 Flugversuchspraktikum

Learning Outcomes

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Module Components


All Courses are mandatory.

Course Name Type Number Cycle Language SWS
Flugversuchspraktikum SEM 3534 L 866 SS German 2

Workload and Credit Points

Flugversuchspraktikum (SEM):

Workload description Multiplier Hours Total
No information 5.0 8.0h 40.0h
No information 1.0 50.0h 50.0h
90.0h(~3 LP)
The Workload of the module sums up to 90.0 Hours. Therefore the module contains 3 Credits.

Description of Teaching and Learning Methods

No information

Requirements for participation and examination

Desirable prerequisites for participation in the courses:

No information

Mandatory requirements for the module test application:

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Module completion



Type of exam

Portfolio examination

Type of portfolio examination

100 points in total



Test elements

Name Points Categorie Duration/Extent
No information 70 practical No information
No information 30 practical No information

Grading scale

Test description (Module completion)

No information

Duration of the Module

This module can be completed in one semester.

Maximum Number of Participants

The maximum capacity of students is 8.

Registration Procedures

No information

Recommended reading, Lecture notes

Lecture notes

Availability:  unavailable

Electronical lecture notes

Availability:  unavailable


Recommended literature
Brockhaus, Alles, Luckner: Flugregelung, 3. Auflage, Berlin: Springer Verlag, 2011
Kimberlin: Flight testing of fixed-wing aircraft, Reston, VA : American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2003
Ward: Introduction to flight test engineering, Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2003

Assigned Degree Programs

This moduleversion is used in the following modulelists:

Verwendungen (23)
Studiengänge: 2 Stupos: 3 Erstes Semester: SS 2018 Letztes Semester: WS 2021/22

Students of other degrees can participate in this module without capacity testing.

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