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Algorithmics for Discrete Data Science

6 LP


#40913 / #1

Seit WS 2018/19

Fakultät IV

TEL 5-1

Institut für Softwaretechnik und Theoretische Informatik

34351100 FG Algorithmik und Komplexitätstheorie

Niedermeier, Rolf

Thielcke, Christlinde

POS-Nummer PORD-Nummer Modultitel
2348265 40075 Algorithmics for Discrete Data Science

Learning Outcomes

Students who have completed this module can design and analyze algorithms for combinatorial data science problems. When facing a concrete computational problem, they are able to choose a strategy to efficiently solve the problem within provable performance guarantees. This includes strategies for solving problems that are computationally hard in the worst case. In particular, the students know about algorithmic research topics in discrete data science.


Algorithm design and analysis for the classical computation model as well as alternative models of computation. The various models (including RAM, memory hierarchy, online, streaming, etc.) are employed in several fundamental problem domains. These domains include: - Network analysis, - Sequence analysis, and - Matrix analysis.

Module Components


All Courses are mandatory.

Course Name Type Number Cycle Language SWS
Algorithmics for Discrete Data Science IV 0434 L 239 k.A. English 4

Workload and Credit Points

Algorithmics for Discrete Data Science (IV):

Workload description Multiplier Hours Total
Attendance 15.0 4.0h 60.0h
Pre/post processing 15.0 8.0h 120.0h
180.0h(~6 LP)
The Workload of the module sums up to 180.0 Hours. Therefore the module contains 6 Credits.

Description of Teaching and Learning Methods

The course consists of roughly 3/4 lecture and 1/4 tutorial parts; in the tutorials concrete problems are solved together.

Requirements for participation and examination

Desirable prerequisites for participation in the courses:

a) obligatory: basic knowledge on algorithm design b) desirable: basic understanding of approximation and parameterized algorithmics; participation in the course Advanced Algorithmics

Mandatory requirements for the module test application:

No information

Module completion



Type of exam:

Written exam




90 min

Duration of the Module

This module can be completed in one semester.

Maximum Number of Participants

This module is not limited to a number of students.

Registration Procedures

Please register at QISPOS or directly at the Examination Office.

Recommended reading, Lecture notes

Lecture notes

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Electronical lecture notes

Availability:  available
Additional information:
Slides will be made available during the lecture period.


Recommended literature
Current research literature related to the course will be made available.

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