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Introduction to Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)



#30667 / #3

Seit SoSe 2020

Fakultät III

BA 3

Institut für Werkstoffwissenschaften und -technologien

33341300 FG Keramische Werkstoffe

Gurlo, Aleksander

Amtsfeld, Anne-Claude

POS-Nummer PORD-Nummer Modultitel
2348061 39776 Introduction to Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes: The participants will gain comprehensive overview and can communicate general principles of all seven Additive Manufacturing (AM) process categories, processing routes and their terminology. They will learn and understand the strength and weaknesses of different AM technologies and specific feedstock materials. Furthermore, the students will be given the chance to experience major AM technologies first hand in lab visits and a practical part.


Teaching contents: The course gives a general introduction into the rapidly developing field of Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D Printing. The lectures will provide an overview on the different processing routes and challenges in using these technologies to produce specific properties in components as well as an introduction to software for 3D data preparation for AM. Coursework will emphasise working principles and feedstock materials for all major AM technologies: (I) Vat photopolymerization: Stereolithography, Digital Light Processing and Continuous Digital Light Processing, (II) Material jetting: Drop on Demand and Polyjet technology, (III) Binder jetting: Powder-based 3D Printing, (IV) Powder bed fusion: Laser Sintering, Selective Laser Melting, Electron Beam Melting and Multi Jet Fusion, (V) Material extrusion: Fused Deposition Modelling and Robocasting, (VI) Directed energy deposition: Laser Engineering Net Shape and Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing plus (VII) Sheet lamination: Laminated Object Manufacturing.

Module Components


All Courses are mandatory.

Course Name Type Number Cycle Language SWS VZ
Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) lab PR 0334 L 196 SS English 2
Introduction to Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) IV 0334 L 173a SS English 2

Workload and Credit Points

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) lab (PR):

Workload description Multiplier Hours Total
Attendance 15.0 2.0h 30.0h
Pre/post processing 15.0 2.0h 30.0h
Report preparation 15.0 2.0h 30.0h
90.0h(~3 LP)

Introduction to Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) (IV):

Workload description Multiplier Hours Total
Attendance 15.0 2.0h 30.0h
E-Learning 15.0 1.0h 15.0h
Exam preparation 1.0 15.0h 15.0h
Pre/post processing 15.0 2.0h 30.0h
90.0h(~3 LP)
The Workload of the module sums up to 180.0 Hours. Therefore the module contains 6 Credits.

Description of Teaching and Learning Methods

The module consists of a lecture and a practical course (lab).

Requirements for participation and examination

Desirable prerequisites for participation in the courses:


Mandatory requirements for the module test application:

No information

Module completion



Type of exam

Portfolio examination

Type of portfolio examination

100 points in total



Test elements

Name Points Categorie Duration/Extent
Written examination 70 written 60 min
Written report on practical course 30 written No information

Grading scale

Test description (Module completion)

Portfolioprüfung (s. oben)

Duration of the Module

The following number of semesters is estimated for taking and completing the module:
1 Semester.

This module may be commenced in the following semesters:

Maximum Number of Participants

The maximum capacity of students is 40.

Registration Procedures

Die Anmeldung der Portfolio-Prüfung erfolgt im Prüfungsamt. Die Anmeldung muss bis einen Werktag vor Erbringen der ersten bewertungsrelevanten Teilleistung, spätestens jedoch bis zum 31. Mai erfolgen.

Recommended reading, Lecture notes

Lecture notes

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Electronical lecture notes

Availability:  available
Additional information:
aus ISIS, veranstaltungsspezifisch


Recommended literature
Gebhardt, Andreas; Hötter, Jan-Steffen (2016): Additive Manufacturing. 3D printing for prototyping and manufacturing. Munich, Cincinnati, OH: Carl Hanser Fachbuchverlag.
ISO 17296-2, 15.01.2015: Additive manufacturing - General principles - Part 2: Overview of process categories and feedstock.
ISO/ASTM 52900, 15.12.2015: Additive manufacturing - General principles - Terminology.

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Werkstoffwissenschaften (Master of Science) MSc Werkstoffwissenschaften 2009 Modullisten der Semester SS2018 Wahlplficht Masterstudiengang "Werkstoffwissenschaften" Profilbildung A1, A2, B5, B6.3