Abschlussart: Master of Science (M. Sc.)
Kürzel: Industrial and Network Economics
Turnus: Wintersemester
Fakultät: Fakultät VII
Verantwortlich: Meran, Georg

The Master in Industrial and Network Economics (MINE) is a two-year program dealing with the economic analysis of network industries and infrastructure management. The program begins annually in October and a maximum of 35 participants will be accepted per year. The specific focus as well as its interdisciplinarity make MINE a unique program.

The courses cover a wide range of topics in the area of industrial and network economics. The main topics covered by the courses are competition strategies and competition policy, infrastructure organization, auctions and market design, the design of contracts, regulation, pricing, finance and investment, planning as well as the environmental impact. Modern industrial economics uses game theoretic tools to investigate the functioning of markets and microeconometrics to tackle the empirical questions. Both methods are at the core of the program, and participants gain a deeper understanding of them in the course of their study.

Verantwortliche Person für den Steckbrief:

Bauer, Dagmar

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