LV-Nummer 3131 L 061
Gesamt-Lehrleistung 56,00 UE
Semester SoSe 2022
Ansprechpartner Christensen, Michelle
Conradi, Florian
Verantwortlich Christensen, Michelle
Conradi, Florian
Zugeordnet zu Technische Universität Berlin
↳ Fakultät I
    ↳ Institut für Philosophie, Literatur-, Wissenschafts- und Technikgeschichte
        ↳ 31319201 FG Open Science
Label Fachübergreifendes Studium Politik und Technik Fachübergreifendes Studium Kultur und Technik Fachübergreifendes Studium Geschlechterverhältnis und Technik Fachübergreifendes Studium Mensch und Maschine Lehrveranstaltungen für Hörer aller Fakultäten Studium Generale
Sprache Englisch

Termine (6)

Mo., 03.10.2022 - Di., 11.10.2022

10:00 Uhr - 17:00 Uhr

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56,00 UE
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03.10.2022 - 09.10.2022(SW -)

Design and Conflict (Block Seminar)
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Design and Conflict (Block Seminar)
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Design and Conflict (Block Seminar)
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Design and Conflict (Block Seminar)
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Design and Conflict / Block Seminar (English / 4 SWS / 5 ECTS)

Dates: 04.-07.10.2022, 10:00-17:00 / 10.-12.10.2022, 10:00-17:00

Registration: Please register by emails by latest the 01.06.2022 to: and

Participants: Max. 15 participants

Room: Berlin Open Lab (TU/UdK Berlin), Universität der Künste Berlin, Einsteinufer 43, 10587 Berlin


What is the relation between design and conflict? From armed conflicts and environmental strifes, to anti-gender regimes and increasingly socially disrupted societies – what role might design and technology play in all of this? How are conflicts designed – and how do current modes of design activism assist in subverting unjust systems of power?   

When observing design emerging in conflict situations – be it the re-use of phone credits as currency, DIY drones to monitor conflicts zones, open-source radical servers to construct alternative communication networks or the building of radio-transmitters out of electronic trash: Designing in times of conflict oftentimes involves a high level of improvisation. It exposes things that emerge out of dire circumstances, are made under strong limitations, and that incite Bottom-Up alternative infrastructures for and by those who need them the most.

In this block seminar, we will take a closer look at the topic of design as, against and in times of conflict. Bringing together insights from Conflict- and Design Research, we will locate the intersections and exemplify them on real-world examples, and on your own experiences. Drawing on low-tech open-source alternative tech, we will carry out a series of design experiments that explore and further develop the idea of ‘doing a lot with a little’ (no prior experience with design or technology necessary).


   •   BA-Studiengänge Kultur und Technik Freier Wahlbereich

   •   MA Geistes- und bildungswissenschaftliche Masterstudiengänge Freier Wahlbereich

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   •   This studio class is open to students of all all disciplines and levels at all Berlin universities in the framework of a free elective