Gesamt-Lehrleistung 74,67 UE
Semester SoSe 2021
Ansprechpartner De Jesus De Pinho Pinhal, Jessica
Verantwortlich Ammon, Sabine
Dozierend De Jesus De Pinho Pinhal, Jessica
Zugeordnet zu Technische Universität Berlin
Fakultät I
    ↳ Institut für Philosophie, Literatur-, Wissenschafts- und Technikgeschichte
Technische Universität Berlin
Fakultät V
    ↳ Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Fabrikbetrieb
        ↳ 35362000 FG Wissensdynamik und Nachhaltigkeit in den Technikwissenschaften
Label Fachübergreifendes Studium Kultur und Technik Fachübergreifendes Studium Mensch und Maschine Lehrveranstaltungen für Hörer aller Fakultäten Einführung in Disziplinen
Sprache Englisch

Termine (14)

Mi., 14.04.2021 - Mi., 14.07.2021 (wöchentlich)

12:00 Uhr - 16:00 Uhr

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De Jesus De Pinho Pinhal, Jessica

74,67 UE
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12.04.2021 - 18.04.2021(SW 1)

Mo. 12.04.2021
Di. 13.04.2021
Mi. 14.04.2021
Ethics of AI
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De Jesus De Pinho Pinhal, Jessica
Do. 15.04.2021
Fr. 16.04.2021

Wednesday: 12-16 Uhr

Online seminar (registration:

Max. 30 Participants

Start: 14.04.2021

The seminar takes an innovative and experimental approach to ethics with an interdisciplinary focus enabled by collaboration between the Computer Science, Engineering Science and Philosophy of Technology departments.

It involves engaging with the theoretical and practical approaches that address the intersection of ethics and technology, in this case AI. Students will learn to critically assess the relationship between technology and society and to analyze the interactions between technology and society from an ethical perspective. The module will provide students with the necessary theoretical foundations stemming from both computer science (AI and digital technologies) and ethics. This knowledge will be put into practice and deepened through case-based projects carried out in interdisciplinary groups. The projects will address the current challenges encountered through the use of AI technologies in different fields of application (e.g., medical, financial, social etc.), as well as discuss different implementations and possible avenues of research that could enable the development of ethically acceptable AI systems. Students will prepare a presentation of their project as well as a scientific poster. The seminar is held in cooperation with the Data Science study program of FU Berlin.

Registration: Please register by email at by 1 week before the start of the seminar, stating your subject background, semester, and motivation. Please register in the ISIS-Course where further information will be provided ( at the beginning of the semester. Please check the ISIS course or for up-to-date information on the course. The seminar will be held via Zoom.

Das Modul kann für das Berliner Ethik Zertifikat angerechnet werden.